Georges BarbierFashion Illustrator & Designer (1882-1932)
Famous Artist, Georges Barbier’s work speaks for itself better than anyone could speak for Barbier, his drawings were so exceptionally good that his career could never be said to have ended, even after his death.  Barbier has left us a legacy of hand coloured fashion prints, many of which are his (own designs).
Today he is still one of the most sought after Art Deco Artists and will continue to be so for many years to come.  Much of his remaining works are housed in museums and exclusive galleries as a monument to the “Master of the Pochoir Fashion Print”.
‘The Costumes’, which were designed (mainly by Barbier) for the stage production of “Casanova” in 1921.  The plates of which are now in the ‘Victoria and Albert Museum’.
Rudolph Valentino was so impressed by the Casanova designs that he employed Barbier to design the costumes for one of his films ‘Monsieur Beaucaire’.
The last group of works were completed in 1927, titled ‘Vingt Cinq Costumes Pour Le Theatre’.  There can be very few of these excellent prints to be had anywhere as there were only 275 copies published in this ‘first’ edition.
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