Georges BraqueFamous Artist Georges Braque ~ Born 1882 (Argenteuil) France Died 31st August 1963
Son of a painting contractor, who taught him the art of imitating marble, wood and gilt surfaces in his painting.
Braques went on to study at the school of Fine Arts in ‘Le Havre’ and eventually to Paris  attending the Academie Humbert where he was tutored by ‘Bonnat”
He was greatly influenced by the impressionists and by his contemporaries Matisse and Derain whose ‘Fauve’ movement he joined in 1905.
By 1907 his interest diversified into architectural design and this led him and  Pablo Picasso to found the Cubist movement.
Braque and Picasso worked so closely together that during the following years some of their work could scarcely be attributed to either artist without a signature.
Their liaison continued until the outbreak of World War I in 1914 when Braque was mobilized into the French Army.  He received a bad head wound in 1915  which rendered him temporarily blind and as a consequence he could not paint again until 1917.  He then began to develop a new and more personal style using brilliant colour and textured surfaces in his figurative and many still life paintings and lithographs.  He continued working throughout the remainder of his life.  The French Government proclaimed him to be the “Most French of all French Artists of his generation”.
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