James McNeill WhistlerAmerican Painter, Etcher and Lithographer - Born July Massachusetts, USA 1834.
Famous Artist, James McNeill Whistler ~ Did much of his work in England and France and is generally regarded as one of “The Masters” of Etching.  His prolific output of various scenes are always a delight to view and one cannot fail to appreciate his draftmanship and total command of each subject.  The paintings and etchings of James McNeill Whistler are evident in all the leading galleries around the world and deservedly so.

A gifted engraver, Whistler produced numerous etchings, lithographs and dry-points.  His lithographs, some drawn on stone and others drawn on ‘lithographie paper’, are perhaps half as numerous as his etchings.

Whistler the man was an extremely flamboyant character and his controversial nature would often lead to over heated exchanges with other fellow artists and especially art critics.  His life style fluctuated greatly between extremes of lavishness and poverty as seemed to be the norm with many great artists of the period.

But for all his social demeanours none can decry the brilliance of his art which remains a testament to his extreme skills as an etcher and painter.
Whistler died in 1903 and is buried at St. Nicholas’s Church in Chiswick, London.
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