Jean Paul RiopelleFamous Artist, Jean Paul Riopelle ~ (Born in Montreal 7 October 1923, Died Ile Aux grues, 12 March 2002)
Riopelle began his career at the Ecole Polytechnique in 1941 studying Engineering, Architecture and photography. His art started as a hobby, but soon became a passion.
Abstract painting was his chosen direction and several students from the Paul-Emile Borduas class including Borduas formed a group with Riopelle working and exhibiting together (1942-1945) they became known as the 'Automatistes' for their spontaneous painting methods.
Riopelle had his first solo exhibition at the 'Galerie La dragonne' in Paris (1949). He pioneered his individual style of painting where large quantities of varied coloured paints were thickly applied to the canvas with a trowel. Riopelle became increasingly successful and very much part of the Parisian culture scene. His works were represented in New York, Venice and Sao Paulo in the mid 1950s.
In the 1960s he returned to his native Canada and held many exhibitions in the "National Gallery of Canada". He spent the remaining latter years of his life equally between his homes in France and Canada.
Riopelles art work is extremely decorative and imaginative as can be seen by these examples.
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