Pablo Picasso Lithographs and Paintings for salePABLO RUIZ PICASSO
Famous Artist, Pablo Picasso ~ Born 1881 – Died 1973
Picasso is to Modern Art as bread is to butter, he has arguably been the most important, most influential artist of the twentieth century. 

Picasso produced over 1,000 various lithographs with his close friend Fernand Mourlot at the Mourlot Studios in Paris.
Born in October 25, 1881 in Malaga, Spain, son of an art and drawing teacher.  It was obvious at a very early age that he was destined to become an extra-ordinary talent. The surname Picasso was in fact his Mother’s maiden name which he adopted from 1900 onwards.
Throughout his lifetime he would develop many different painting styles.  There was his blue period 1900-1904, The Rose Period 1905-1906 and a later period where he experimented with a form of cubism, where he would reduce subjects to a basic geometrical shape, it was at this period he also involved himself in sculpture.  Picasso was the only artist ever to have an exhibition of his works in the ‘Louvre’ whilst still living in 1971 and Pablo Picasso paintings for sale are sure to complement any collection.
He died aged 91 in Mougins, France April 18, 1973.

Pablo Picasso Lithographs and Paintings

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