Valerio Adami
Born ~ Felgueiras Porto Portugal 1940
Valentim Fonesca Sousa started work at 14 years old as an Assistant Designer, where he met an important designer-architect who was considered by many to be the Father of Portuguese Designers.
This working relationship lasted for 8 years and it was during this time that he developed an interest in art and like most artists it soon became an overwhelming passion.  After participating in several small workshops he managed to progress to more premiere art classes where he studied with some great Italian and South American teachers.
During the next 3 decades he was torn between family responsibilities & his love of art with limited time to follow his passion.
In the early 2000s he managed to devote much more time for his painting & produced some of his very best work in this period.
Valentim describes himself as more of an Abstract Contemporary Artist & likes to produce aesthetically pleasing work within a fantasy world.  Although several galleries from Lisbon, Paris, Moscow and South Africa etc. were most interested in exhibiting his art.  The commerical aspect was never an issue & he mostly shunned any self indulgence to gain recognition.
As you can see with the following images, it is difficult to imagine that this prodigious talent has virtually gone unrecognised until now.
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