Famous Artist, Winslow Homer ~ Winslow Homer(The Artists Artist – Painter, Water Colourist & Wood Engraver)
Winslow Homer Born Boston 1836 -  Died Scarboro, Maine 1910)
There is no doubt that the upsurge of interest in the work of Winslow Homer’s wood engravings continues to grow.  As a Graphic Designer, Winslow Homer is one of America’s greatest ever artists.  It was with his wood engravings that the world was first introduced to Homer’s unique talents.  His depiction of scenes from The Civil War are unsurpassed as were his portrayal of American life and historical events of the time, which he engraved for Harper’s Weekly and other popular magazines.
All the following works are Wood Engravings.  After Winslow Homer, published by Harper’s Weekly:  on the original dates stated with each in excellent condition.
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